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purplekat99 in americansonwhv

Tip of the Day!

my first weekend trip from auckland was to the thermal wonderland (to quote those dang heritage hotel commercials!) of rotorua, a town about 3 hrs south. this town has it all! thermal geysers, maori culture, adrenalin and adventure activities! i did a rafting trip, saw some geysers, did some hikes and rented and drove my first car on the other side of the road! i took the bus to town originally because everyone was like, it's a big holiday weekend (i went over easter, which is a 4 day weekend in NZ!) and everyone is going to be on the roads. but when i got to town and realized that NZ'ers definition of "everyone on the road" doesn't even compare to what i was used to on a daily basis in los angeles, i sucked it up and hired a car in roto. it was a great place to learn to drive again!

anyway, where i stayed in rotorua was great, the kiwi paka YHA lodge. it was a bit out of town, but the facilities made up for it. i got a single room in the lodge and shared a bathroom which was located in the centre. it was clean, quite, the staff was super helpful and plenty of parking! i would stay here again.