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plumosa in americansonwhv

australian flights

My love and I are thinking about doing WHV to Australia and then perhaps going straight into one in New Zealand.

Our projected leaving time would be mid august 2009. Right now I can find a one way ticket on Air Pacific for $742. Since they don't have dates/prices online for a whole year and a half in advance, I don't know how to compare that price (2x) for estimating a return flight vs. what the airline might offer me at this stage a year in advance. I know that I can call them and find out, but I was just curious as to what people here spent on the plane ticket, or what their experiences in general were regarding airfare.

we are definitely NOT going through BUNAC as it is sooooooooooo much cheaper to just fill out the paperwork yourself since its on both the Australian and New Zealand government websites! For US residents its only about 120 USD for Australia and FREE FREE FREE for New Zealand.


air pacific is def. the cheapest, but you have to stop in fiji for a few hrs which breaks up the trip (don't know if that is good or bad for you. def. BAD for me...) $742 sounds about right too, as most pacific flights on AirNZ and Qantas are usually around $1000 (rt).

also, one ways will prob be a little more then half of a rt, as they need to make up the return portion of your ticket. when i called sta re: a one-way, i got a ticket for about $500 on AirNZ (and have since refunded it, as my trip keeps getting longer!). maybe give them a call???

i was about to say, the visa went down in price, damnit!! but then i realized you were talking USD (not AUD)...i have been away too long!

good luck!!!