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americansonwhv's Journal

Americans on Working Holiday Visas
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Are you tired of just being considered a tourist when you travel and actually want to live and experience a culture for an extended period of time? Now more then ever are the borders reopening and the world is welcoming young Americans into their workforce for a period of time to experience the world outside their native land.

I started this community because when I was looking for information on this topic I found very little targeting Americans. The worlds perception is that, we don’t travel. I am hoping to change that, or at least let people know that this opportunity is available to them. Anyone is welcome to join, comment and add their tips but I really want to try to keep this targeted towards Americans.

To keep this community as organized as possible, I have also included some very general tags. Essentially there will only be 4 categories with countries attached so topics can be very easy to find. Just interest in anything to do with the United Kingdom? Click the UK tag and all entries will come up. What to know about travelling in Australia? Click the Australia travelling tag and all entries on that topic will come up. Hopefully this will work for everyone. I don’t want the tags to be too detailed so that everyone gets the most information possible on the topic they are looking for. So essentially every post should have at least 3 tags: a country, a topic, and the country and topic together with the country name first. More details are of course welcome but all posts must include these tags (except plain intro posts).

I can’t think of any rules right now except to keep the posts on topic and that means keeping it legal. Topics such as working under the table, ancestral visas, just moving to Europe “because you want to” are not appropriate for this community. And everyone is welcome to contribute tips! In fact, this community won’t survive without it! But I want to keep the WHV questions kept American-based only. If people from other places have WHV questions, there are other places online to find the answers. Sorry if this is being a little mean or unfair, but I feel that the internet is overrun by other countries taking advantage of this awesome opportunity and that Americans need a place to find answers to questions that they have about this.

And most important, Introduction! Feel free to introduce yourself in a post (ABSOULTLY NOT REQUIRED) and tag which countries you are interested in so you can meet people in the same boat you are in.